5 Thanksgiving Cooking Tips for a Stress Free Holiday


Holidays can make people stressed out.

Oh I’m sure not you, or me, but besides us the cool calm and collected people there must be some that get overwhelmed with the big meal.   Lots of family, not enough oven space, no time to clean the house and a ton of stuff to cook.  So just in time for Thanksgiving here are a few cooking hacks to make your life a little simpler on Turkey Day.

1. Free up oven space by cooking your turkey in only 2 hours! – If you have a small bird you can do your turkey in lightening speed! Get the recipe here

2. It doesn’t take much more time to stir up a brine for your turkey and that will ensure moist juicy turkey meat.  I love Alton Brown’s turkey brine recipe.

3. Don’t cut the turkey at the table.  – Sometimes people who roast a big bird once a year think its their duty to look like a Norman Rockwell painting and expertly carve a crispy juicy bird at the table.  Don’t bother, your family will still love you, keep that mess in the kitchen and just load it on a platter for the table. why not you?

5.  Roll your pie dough between two pieces of parchment paper so it doesn’t stick, then just peel one side off and place it in the pan.  Like this.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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