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This weekend we escaped our lives for a few days and ran out into the country.  I think traveling and especially the lovely relaxing weekend escapes are one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.  The whole world looks different whenview from les lavandes you’re looking out at a gorgeous hilltop view instead of staring at the pile of dirty dishes in your sink… (it does doesn’t it!)  We’ve been to this B&B many times, the owners Myrta and Richard are so wonderful, and the first time we stayed there we were instantly BFFs. (Yes, I’m twelve years old and say BFF!!) Myrta is from Switzerland and Richard is American, so we relate on that inter-continental couple level as well…yeah, that’s a thing! 

MyrtaIn any case of course I love the views, the relaxation, the flowers, but you know really, I’m all about the food.  There is much to be learned from an amazing Swiss cook and baker.  Myrta is not only a fantastic cook, but the picture of health, its probably due to  her biking and gardening, or the glass of wine every evening (yeah!), but her fresh healthy homemade food is definitely part of that equation as well.  She grows lots of fresh vegetables, salads with homemade vinaigrette, she cans and preserves and eats very seasonally, but one simple thing that I just cannot stop making is Myrta’s Birchermuesli!! I know, weird name but apparently the guy who invented it was named Bircher, and was a physician in Zurich who was a nutritional pioneer, check it out all you history buffs. Really its just a combination of oats, milk, yogurt and fruit.  The juices from the fruit and the yogurt soak into the oats and somehow a transformation takes place.  This is not oatmeal friends, its more like ice cream for breakfast.  Except that it keeps you full for hours, you can make it ahead, and even keep it going when you get low by adding more yogurt, more fruit, more oats.  Myrta uses whatever fruit is in season, and I do too, you can make an ENDLESS amount of flavor combinations with different yogurts and fruit.  Do not be tempted to skip the jam/preserves… it’s the secret that makes the difference! 


Myrta Weber’s Birchermuesli

4 servings

¾ c old fashioned oatmealbirchermuesli ¼ c milk
2 ¼ c different flavors of yogurt (just try to avoid artificial flavors/colors yuck, there are plenty without them OR stay tuned and I’ll share my crockpot yogurt recipe and you can make your own!)
1 medium banana
1 apple
2 c mixed berries
½ c grapes
1 Tb all fruit preserves

In a big bowl pour milk over oatmeal and let sit for 10 minutes. Add yogurts and mix. Cut all the fruit into small pieces and mix with yogurt mixture. The more fresh fruit the better, mix up the kinds and the flavor of the yogurt for different tastes!

Make this ahead and take it to work with you, or serve it as part of a brunch.  If you are making this ahead, forgo the banana and use a different fruit, it gets dark and slimy too fast!

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  1. Reply Lindsay Aug 6,2013 7:41 pm

    yup… already emailing recipes to myself. 🙂

  2. Reply Leanne Ware Aug 6,2013 10:05 pm

    Yummy! So intriguing and I’m gonna try it as soon as the fast is past.

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