Fresh Start in the New Year!

Fresh Start in the New Year

Beginnings are so exciting.  At the start anything is possible, new love, new babies, and of course, a new year could be the best year of your life.  I’m definitely planning on 2014 as the best year of mine.  I’m a lucky enough person to have had several best years ever… which means I suppose that things just keep getting better and better!

Don’t get me wrong, none of those fantastic years have been easy.  In fact maybe that’s one of the things that made them so great, the triumph over adversity, hardship, or just a goal that really stretches you as a person.  I’ve been thinking about some of those years after the last few days, and what specifically helped me make the best of them, and actually stick to a few of those resolutions, here are a few things that helped me, maybe they’ll help you too.

Find your why.
So you have a resolution, something you want to change or add, or stop?  Maybe you wanted to lose a little weight (or you’re like me and wanted to lose A LOT) or cook more at home, or reduce your stress or whatever is on your mind.  Before you embark on that journey for the first or fifteenth time, stop and ask yourself why? Why do you want to change? Do you? Sometimes the reason why will surprise you but if you’re going to really succeed at your resolution you’re going to need it.

Make a small change first, success breeds success.
Trying to change your whole life at once is usually frustrating and leads to quitting.  Couch potatoes who run 15 miles in one day generally feel horrible for  after, people who don’t cook at all may find intricate french recipes frustrating and give up.   A small change that you build on is a whole lot easier and once you have that one success, you feel empowered!

Don’t procrastinate.
Fight the urge to hang out on Facebook instead of doing what you really want to do.

Once you’ve successfully mastered one small change, make another.
Get excited, you’re doing it! Now you can add another small goal, for instance if your first goal was to cook a healthy dinner at home once a week, maybe now you can go for two, or try cooking big batch on the weekend so you can eat in during the week!

Find someone who has succeeded at your goal, and learn from them.
You know someone who succeeded at whatever you want to do.  Ask them how they did it, they’ll be flattered and probably helpful.

Don’t be shy.
Tell someone what you’re doing.  When you have support making it through harder points is easier and the victories more fun to celebrate.  Try your family, friends, or if you think they are not going to help there is always the internet, you know where TONS of people hang out.  You could end up like my very inspiring friend Andrea (Runner #5) who found a group of people online who supported each other to reach amazing goals!! (Um, check out that pic of Andrea with Oprah!)

Are you sad that I didn’t post a recipe today? How about some fat burning hot cocoa to warm you up?

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