Sugar Cookie Smoothie



Confession time: I’m usually not that big of a smoothie person.  I know, I know all the cool kids are doing it but really, I like to cook, and honestly I kind of like to chew.  I do however sometimes like the idea of waking up and eating a breakfast that tastes pretty much like a milkshake, and if that milkshake also tastes like a sugar cookie well…sweet.

I like to make infusions and extracts at home, vanilla of course, but cherry, lemon, coffee, all kinds.  I’ve started not only making extracts but infusing all kinds of things to add flavor, this smoothie uses a simple infused milk.  Instead of adding sugar, flour, etc for the sugar cookie flavor, I just drop a sugar cookie tea bag in the milk, it gently infuses its flavor into the milk and the resulting smoothie is sweet and cookie flavored without adding sugar.  You don’t have to use sugar cookie tea, try gingerbread, or candy cane, or vanilla truffle, or whatever tea you like, even green tea infused milk is amazing and so simple.

I thicken my smoothie and sweeten it with a frozen banana, there are always 27 or so floating around my freezer, much to my husband’s chagrin.  I’m always fighting a banana toss out by claiming how useful all of those frozen black bananas are. See honey? I’m even blogging about the awesome things I make from them! Ahem…

In any case even though it’s the holidays this IS breakfast so I add some flax-seed which makes it not only high in omega threes and rich and unctuous.  There’s also almond butter… you could use peanut butter, but that really does make it taste more like a peanut butter cookie, which is by no means a bad thing!

So what are you waiting for? Skip the cookie swap and drink your cookies for breakfast!

Sugar Cookie Smoothie

1 cup milk (I like this one)
1 sugar cookie tea bag (Yes they make it! I like Celestial Seasonings)
1 frozen ripe banana
1 Tb almond butter
1 Tb ground flax seeds

Drop the tea bag into the milk and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning discard the tea bag.  Put the milk, banana, almond butter, and flax seeds into the blender.  Blend until smooth. Drink your cookie!

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